Mostly, homeowners have two separate units in their homes; one to heat it and one for cooling. There is an energy saving alternative. It is called a heat pump. A heat pump can do the work of both a heater and an air conditioner. It uses an outside unit and an air handler with a variable speed blower hidden somewhere in the ductwork inside the house. In the summer, the heat pump draws heat out of your home and expels it outside to cool the house. In the winter, it works in reverse as it draws heat from the outside air and transfer it into your home to heat it. Yes, there is heat in cold air! Even a 32-degree day produces enough heat to warm a home using a heat pump. Using electricity as its source, heat pumps work by transferring heat, one way or the other, between the outside unit and the air handler. Since the main compressor unit is outside the home, the indoor noise level is much lower.


  • Energy-efficiency, year-round comfort for moderate climates. A heat pump can maintain comfortable temperatures and reduce humidity in your home year-round. When temperatures dip below 25 degrees, a back-up heat source is recommended. With the variable speed blower, the unit is able to run at low speeds when demand is low to keep the air moving and avoid those times when the units kick on high and run continuously until they can catch up to the thermostat setting.
  • Cleaner air – as the air moves in and out of the home through the ducts, it passes through a filter that removes airborne particles like dust and lint. More sophisticated filters can remove microscopic pollutants as well.

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