We at the Mauger Family of Companies pride ourselves at being the best around in helping our friends, you the homeowner decide the properly sized furnace at a price with which you can afford to keep you cozy and warm on those long, cold winter nights. Furnaces come in many sizes and shapes and more importantly, efficiency rating. The minimum is 80% efficient up to just over 95% efficiency as measured by the industry standard Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This means that you would be able to cut your energy bill by up to 50% over a unit that was about 10 years old.

Whether powered by natural gas, propane, electric, or oil, the experts at Mauger & Co., Inc and its subsidiaries can assist you in determining the choice that best fits your situation. Our experienced Field Supervisors, who do not work on commission can visit your home and do a load calculation using software to tell you the proper sized unit for your home. Since air circulation is the most important function, we highly recommend a unit with a variable speed blower. This is the most energy efficient because it allows the system to ease its way up to the temperature demand on the thermostat rather than immediately running at full speed. Think of it as a car with a manual transmission. You shift into first gear and move up to a speed before you must shift again into second and third gear to go faster. It is much more fuel efficient this way than crushing the gas pedal to get up to the desired speed quickly as in an automatic transmission. The auto user’s manual always advises to avoid “jack rabbit” starts to save gas. It is the same idea.

When it’s cold outside and your heater stops working it is panic city! Some companies try to force you into replacement. “We can get it done today” is the cry, and they really can, at probably twice the true cost of the job. There isn’t much interest in a diagnosis of the problem which could simply be a blower. The blower is like the fan in your car that blows the air toward the radiator. The blower in your furnace blows the air over the heat exchanger and back out of the ducts. Similarly, the burner could be the cause of your problem. For example, in an oil-fired system, the oil burner is a device that burns the oil. The oil is first atomized into a fine spray and forced under pressure through a nozzle which gives the resulting flame a specific flow rate, angle of spray and pattern. This spray is ignited by an electric spark with the air being forced through and around it at the end of a blast tube by a fan driven by the oil-burner motor. Many times, it’s just the burner motor failure that causes the “No Heat” problem.

Let the factory trained technicians from Mauger & Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries diagnose and suggest ways to repair your unit before resorting to replacement. We too can get you running today one way or the other.

The best option for long and trouble-free operation of your furnace and its associated parts is a service contract from Mauger & Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries. All plans include an annual cleaning and a multiple point check, a change of the filter and nozzle where applicable and a check of your chimney and oil tank. Some plans have coverage 24/7/365 and many parts at no cost.

Call 610-429-8200 and ask for one of our Field Supervisors who can assist in choosing the right plan for you and your budget.

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