The “Mauger Principle”

Quality Products – Dependable and Outstanding Service – A Fair Price – A Neighborly Approach

Cozy in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.  Isn’t that how we want to feel when we walk through the front door of our home?  We believe that heating and cooling of the home should be transparent, something about which one rarely needs to think.  Mauger & Co., Inc and it’s subsidiaries has been doing just that for our friends for over 50 years.  Because we call these areas home, we don’t consider our customers to be accounts but rather neighbors and friends.  Many of you will remember the feeling of years past when you didn’t need to lock your front door and your neighbors were almost part of the family.  This is exactly the feeling we try to convey with the “Mauger Principle.”  We want to do all those little things without being asked and always be there when needed.

If this is a way that you would like to be treated, then give us a call.  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

(Every drop of our oil is treated with Ultraguard premium additive at no extra charge.  Ultraguard dissolves sludge, sediment and carbon deposits; stabilizes the fuel and controls fuel breakdown, the primary source of sludge; slowly purges lines and nozzles and keeps them clean; removes water from condensation and keeps it under control by neutralizing its acidic nature; inhibits corrosion of tanks and lines by controlling the water and it contains a separate corrosion inhibitor; contains a biocide to control bacteria growth that clogs nozzles and lines; has a metal deactivator to stop adverse chemical reactions from metal particles that may get into the fuel from the rusting of the tank on the inside.)