A Back to School Note from Mauger & Co., Inc.

The Labor Day Weekend is upon us and the kiddos in your school district are either back at school or just about to go back next week. Summer 2019 went by like a comet and judging by the pumpkin spice everything on store shelves these days, Fall must be right around the corner. It’s going to be a bit until we begin reminding folks to have their heating maintenance appointments scheduled, but you can always feel free to call our offices at your convenience. Actually, we did want to pass along a seasonal reminder that has less to do with your comfort system and more to do with the safety of all of us this time of year.

At Mauger, Plotts’ and Aabbots, we know a thing or two about safety on the roads. You see, our trucks hit the highways, secondary roads and neighborhood streets nearly every day of the year. And, during our daily routes, our drivers encounter super courteous drivers as well as those who could brush up on the rules of the road. This time of year, however, is special. There is magic in the air when the kids go back to school. Seeing young folks with new haircuts, outfits and backpacks making their way to the bus stop is pretty cool stuff. With that, we must all remember to take extra caution during our morning and afternoon/evening commutes. And, pack the patience, too. It’s been a while since school buses have been a part of everyone’s daily commute, but there is no sense getting frustrated. This time of year, it is important that we all remember to take a breath and reset. The stress of new schedules, practice times, game nights and homework can be a challenge. But, none of that can affect our decisions behind the wheel as we make our way to to and from work, school or the store.

We ask everyone out there to join our employees and drivers in a pledge of safety. We ask that you obey traffic laws in school zones and around buses. We ask that you stay aware during drop off and pick up times as kids often walk on the sides of roads and may cross without much notice to drivers. Ensuring the safety of kids in our communities is a responsibility we can all get behind. All of us at Mauger & Co., Inc. thank you for your pledge and would like to extend best wishes to all the students, faculty and families in the districts we serve throughout the Delaware, Schuylkill and Lehigh Valleys.