Now is the Time to Schedule Your Pre-Season Heating Tune-Up

Now is the time to schedule your pre-season tune-up and maintenance visit.

For those customers with maintenance contracts, it’s important to remember that this service is included as part of your agreement. Schedule your furnace tune-up with Mauger & Co. today and be prepared for any unexpected temperature changes come Fall. For those customers without an agreement, please note that we also offer HVAC maintenance plans providing regular maintenance to your heating & cooling systems.

Why Maintenance is so Critical

When it comes to furnaces, boilers, and oil burners, routine maintenance is critical. For this reason, we offer a seasonal furnace tune-up for virtually all heating systems, including forced-air furnaces, heat pumps and oil-burner furnaces. It is not uncommon for a furnace to experience issues with airflow, ignition or thermostat malfunctions. Any number problems could result in increased heating cost, poor home comfort, or even exposing your loved ones to dangerous carbon monoxide and other airborne contaminates.

A pre-season boiler/furnace tune-up intended to help prevent heating problems before winter’s chill requires peak performance of your heating system. During an oil burner tune-up, Mauger & Co. will check to ensure all furnace components are working at peak efficiency. Any concerns requiring repair or replacement will be brought to your attention, including upgrades centered around air quality and virus elimination.

Let’s Talk Air Quality

Naturally, there are a lot of concerns we hear these days from customers as it relates to indoor air quality. Our industry is innovating with tremendous urgency to deliver products and solutions that eliminate airborne viruses and greatly reduce allergens in homes and businesses. If air quality is a concern for you and your family, call our office today to discuss a range of solutions to fit your home’s need and budget.

Call our offices today at 610-429-8200 to schedule your seasonal tune-up or discuss air quality solutions for your home and family!