Pre-Pay Gallons Still Available – Don’t Wait

In May, Mauger & Co., and its subsidiaries purchased a limited amount of Heating Oil for our first Prepay Offer of 2021. We still have some inventory left. Since May, oil prices have been on the rise, but there is still time to take advantage of our Prepay Pricing.

Please call our office at 610-429-8200 for a quote today!

Without a crystal ball, no one can predict how oil markets will behave. The price of fuel has obviously been on a steady rise to meet demand since things have opened back up over the last several months. This is yet another reason that we continue to protect customers by offering downward price protection. Lock in your rate today!

What if Prepay is not for me?

If Prepay is not for you, we recommend our 12-month Budget Program aimed at helping you to spread payments out throughout the year. Included in the budget plan is cap protection as well as downward price protection. You get the best of both worlds with price protection included in this program and Mauger has you protected with no gallon limit.

We’re here for you!

Call 610-429-8200 and choose the plan that best meets your needs. Our Customer service representatives are waiting for your call!

Thank you for Choosing the Mauger Family of Businesses!