A Reminder to Please Shovel After Snowfall

Here at the Mauger & Co. Family of businesses, you are never going to hear us complain about wintertime. We love winter, cozy fires and seeing all of our customers as we delivery top quality heating oil throughout the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys. This weekend looks as though we may see about 5 inches of snow starting on Sunday and potentially another 5 inches come Monday. Don’t get us wrong, we love the white stuff! However, it does create challenges in serving as many folks as possible in a given business day. First, it slows our drivers down on the roads. Slower traffic, inevitable congestion and the odd detour due to a traffic accident up ahead all account for fewer customers receiving their deliveries, unfortunately.

Another reality that may affect our ability to serve an individual customer is an uncleared driveway. If our drivers cannot safely negotiate your driveway due to ice or snow, then they cannot pull in to drop fuel. Once on your property, if they cannot find your oil fill or if they cannot get there safely due to deep snow, again, they are instructed not to risk injury in order to make a delivery. So, we would like to politely remind all customers expecting a delivery soon after winter weather to please make sure pathways and driveways are clear for our drivers and techs so that we can continue to provide you with the level of service that you have come to expect from Mauger, Plotts’ and Aabbots.

Thank you all and enjoy the snow!