All Heating Oil is the Same, Right? Actually, No.

Is all the heating oil out there the same? Actually, no. At Mauger & Co. and our subsidiaries, every drop of our oil is treated with UltraGuard™ Heating Oil Treatment at no extra charge.

  1. UltraGuard is a heating oil additive which dissolves sludge, sediment and carbon deposits, stabilizes the fuel and controls fuel breakdown, the primary source of sludge;
  2. It slowly purges lines and nozzles and keeps them clean. It removes water due to condensation and keeps it under control by neutralizing its acidic nature.
  3. It inhibits corrosion of tanks and lines by controlling the water and it contains a separate corrosion inhibiter
  4. UltraGuard contains a biocide to control bacteria growth that clogs nozzles and lines.
  5. Finally, it has a metal deactivator to stop adverse chemical reactions from metal particles that may get into the fuel from the rusting of the tank on the inside.

In other words, the equipment is kept cleaner so it burns much more efficiently and saves money by using less oil to heat the home.