Another Great Year at Mauger & Co. because of You!

Here at Mauger Energy, Plotts’ Energy and Aabbots Oil, we absolutely love this time of year. It is without question our busiest time of the year. It is also the time in which we are able to interface most from you, our customers. Whether it is catching up with folks we have served for decades or meeting new faces around the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, we are thrilled and blessed to have such great support throughout the entire Philly area.

Our industry is pretty competitive. There are lots of companies out there competing for your business based solely on price. Some are reputable. Others, not so much. All we can say is that it is our pleasure for our family to serve yours these many years and that we look forward to continuing to do so for several generations to come. After all, ours is a service industry. We know that your demand and deserve the best service and we are committed to offering it. We greatly appreciate the opportunity and hope always that we are meeting the expectations of quality service that you hold in our businesses.

We would be remiss this time of the year without recognizing the folks who make it possible to deliver the high standard of service that our customers have come to expect over the generations. Our staff–from the drivers and techs to the office and sales pros–we believe that no one in our industry has a more dedicated family of folks than those who work on behalf of the Mauger & Co., Inc. family of businesses. Thank you to all of you for your dedication year round, most especially this time of year.

To all of our friends across our serving area and beyond, we will everyone a safe and Happy New Year!