At Summer’s Midway Mark, How is your AC System Doing?

This week, we will see the calendar flip over to August, and with it we will begin to make back-to-school shopping excursions and make plans for those final beach trips before the kiddos go back to the classroom. Speaking of grades, what grade would you give your air conditioning system so far this summer? At times, it has been unrelentingly hot here in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys. Has your system been able to keep up with the worst that Mother Nature has thrown its way in Summer 2019? If you have been keeping up with regular seasonal maintenance, and you are diligent in changing your filter routinely, then your system should perform up to standard. However, if you’ve simply not been able to get your home to cool in this weather, it may be the beginning signs of a part or total system failure. It also simply may be that the unit installed in your home is not powerful enough to cool the entire home. We hear this from new homeowners as well as customers who have recently installed an addition on a home. For example, if you have a large home and an an AC unit with a smaller cooling capacity. it may not be powerful enough to cool the home efficiently. If you have a large addition put on your home without upgrading your cooling capacity, you may find a similar result.

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