Calculating the Real Cost of Fleet Fueling

At Mauger & Co. Inc. and our subsidiaries, we have come to know a thing or two about fleet fueling over the years. In dealing with hundreds of private and public sector clients, we have found that there is more to choosing a fleet fuel provider than simply comparing prices. Our family of companies offers an array of fleet fueling options including on-site fueling which allows for your fleet to be fueled at your location or job site. On-site fueling keeps your crew moving. Time is a precious commodity in the lifecycle of a given job and wasted minutes day in and day out can put any business at a competitive disadvantage over a span of just a few years.

We are also proud operators of two conveniently located Pacific Pride fueling stations in Delaware County, PA. Over the past 30 years, convenience stores our area have morphed into gas stations and gas stations have morphed into convenience stores. What does that mean for your organization? Well, if you are running a fleet of trucks or vans every day, your crew is out there jockeying for position at Wawa’s gas pumps with folks who are on their way to work, or stopping in for a sandwich, cup of coffee or pack of smokes. And after your guys have wasted 10 minutes waiting for two open pumps for the truck and the trailer, they then take another 15 minutes inside the store getting food and drinks. Pacific Pride stations offer fuel. The convenience is yours, not theirs. Having your fleet fuel up at Pacific Pride saves your organization time and money. Gas prices go up and down all of the time. But, the cost savings that come with systematic efficiency can stick around forever.