Fall into Savings with Mauger & Co.!

Okay, okay! It’s enough already with the temps in the mid-80s! Who’s ready for for leaf piles, cool evenings and pumpkin spiced everything? We are — that’s who! It’s Fall at the Mauger & Co., Inc. family of businesses, and our season gets busy very quickly this time of year, believe it or not. Some folks think that because it is not terribly hot or cold, we must not too busy. This time of year, we are spending a great deal of time on maintenance appointments. Making sure that systems are operating properly now puts us in a position to have to respond to dire emergencies in the heart of winter. So, that has our dance card getting busier and busier every day. And, though we may reach record highs here in the next five days, please make note that 10-day forecast is calling for lows in the 40s by the end of next week. This stands to be a rude awakening for many who are not used to, or amenable to chillier weather.

But, there is good news everyone can use!

Cool Cat knows that this drastic drop in temps is going to throw folks for a loop, so he suggested we get some great installation specials out to our customers so that everyone can be ready for winter’s worst with energy efficient and dependable equipment from leading manufacturers. We have great offers that everyone should check out! Offers for 0% financing, big money off and even a FREE oil tank! Be sure to check out our great specials today!