Feeling Thankful at Mauger & Co.

What an odd and challenging year this has turned out to be for so many of us in the Delaware Valley and around the world. This year, we find ourselves more thankful than ever for our customers, colleagues, friends, family and good health. It’s important for all of us to stop for a moment to count our blessings and realize all of the good among us — in the world, our communities and in ourselves. There is so much negativity these days, and that is why we find it so important to spread a message of positivity this Thanksgiving. Wherever you celebrate the holidays this year and however scaled back they may be for your family, be sure to give thanks for all of the good in your life.

Baby, it’s (getting) Cold Outside

While we are still seeing highs in the 60s, the thermometer is also flirting with lows in the 20s in the outlying reaches of our serving area. By now, Mauger & Co. customers have started using their heating systems again off and on here at the start of season. We have a few friendly reminders for all of our friends out there:

  • If you experience any irregularities in the performance of your heating system, give us a call as soon as issues arise. Small problems can turn into big problems very quickly in your comfort system and big problems tend to cost more to repair or replace.
  • If you are on Will-Call, please do not let your gauge get too low. Always order well in advance of run-out. None of us know when a cold snap will hit and extreme temps tend to put a strain on our delivery schedule. We do not want anyone to risk an emergency run-out.
  • During (and shortly after) inclement weather events, we ask that all customers clear their driveways and paths of snow and ice so that our team members can provide service and/or fill tanks. If your driveway is not safe enough for our drivers to navigate, they will not be able to serve your oil and comfort needs.

We wish everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Mauger & Co., Inc.