Happy New Decade from Mauger & Co.!

The end of each year bring the joy of the holiday season as well as the reflection that comes with endings and new beginnings. An end to a decade–wow! That is some serious stuff! We’ve been serving the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys for several generations, so we have been though our fair share of these transitions and each one is more eye-opening than the last. At Mauger & Co., Inc., we truly are a family. There are several folks are our team who attend the same churches and several more who come from the same families. We’ve actually had the opportunity to watch some of our customers’ kids grow up and purchase there own homes and continue to trust our folks to serve a new generation. Pretty cool stuff.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of the customers, vendors and industry partners who have helped to make these past 10 years the best decade yet for our family businesses. There is something special that happens when a business is able to serve communities in an honest way over time that cannot be replicated by larger corporate entities. We’re proud to be local. We’re proud to be called a small business. And we’re fiercely proud of the amazing employees who have helped to build our brand over the years and to those who will continue to do so for the next generation.

To all of our friends, family and business partners out there, we appreciate your continued support! Our goal continues to be unmatched service and product at a price that is fair. We will take this mission with us into the next decade and we look forward to seeing all of you there! Happy New Year!