Hot Weather and Hot Deals from Mauger & Co.!

Here we are on the doorstep of Summer 2020, and as we have all had our fair share of staying at home, we know that nothing is more important to folks these days than maintaining the common peace around the household. Given that summer camp still may be a toss up, we may not be done with watching over the younger members of the household 7 days a week for the time being. We are all looking forward to the coming Green Phase (hopefully starting next week)!

Nothing upsets the peace in a household like a malfunctioning AC system. Not a barking dog. Not a smelly trash can. Nothing! With a glorious stretch of weather seemingly in our rear view mirror at this point, it appears that we are scheduled for an extended helping of warm and muggy weather for the next few weeks. So, if you have yet to get your annual AC check up, or if you feel that replacing your old system is best for your family’s budget and health, then we strongly recommend checking out our unbeatable specials and giving us a call today!

Don’t spend any time being hot, uncomfortable or unhappy this summer–certainly not on account of your home comfort system. Call the pros at Mauger & Co. today to schedule service or a review of your existing system. Our team has the experience to make sure your family is safe and COOL all summer long!