How’s Your Heating System Holding Up?

Old Man Winter has thrown nearly everything at us this season, and with some days with forecast highs in the 50s, it looks as though the end of Winter 2020-2021 is in sight. So, how did your heating system treat you this winter? A question like this is always best considered when put into some context. If we look just at February, we know that this month so far has been about 3 to 4 degrees below average thus far. That’s actually a pretty significant swing when it comes to seasonal averages and evaluating energy efficiency. That said, your comfort system is generally only as good as its performance during tougher conditions. This time of year, we hear a lot of customers tell us that their system doesn’t seem broken, per se, but it often struggles to keep the house warm consistently and evenly. For older systems, this often signifies a need to consider replacing a unit that is likely approaching the end of its life — certainly as it pertains to efficient usage.

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