It’s AC Maintenance Season Right Now

It’s finally Spring here in the Delaware Valley and, even though we are still seeing some overnight lows in the 30s, our maintenance team is out each and every day performing pre-season Air Conditioning maintenance inspections on comfort systems throughout the area. Why do we schedule these checkups so early in the year? We do so in order to best ensure we are able to visit all of our customers prior to the first stretch of hot weather. So, yes, though many families are still running their heat at night right now, March and April are the best months of the year to perform annual pre-season maintenance because, if we waited until May, our phones would ring off the hook at the first sign of balmy weather. Equipment–especially unmaintained equipment– often tends to fail at the first instance of usage after a long rest. It’s no secret that it costs less over time to budget for maintenance rather than pay for costly repairs. That’s why our team stays so busy this time of year. We’re all hands on deck during maintenance season preparing for whatever summertime has to throw at us a few months from now.

Our team is waiting to hear from you! Whether you are a new or existing customer, call the Mauger & Co. family of businesses today to schedule your semiannual pre-season AC maintenance check up. We’ll make sure drains are clear, coils are clean and your system is properly readied for the coming summer heat.