It’s Christmas at Mauger & Co., Inc.!

It’s a festive and very very busy time of year here at Mauger & Co., Inc.! This has been a wonderful year at Mauger Energy, Plotts’ Energy and Aabbots Energy. In 2017, we saw a number of new faces join our team and said goodbye to a few folks who retired after many years helping us serve all of you. This is a time of year to be grateful and at Mauger & Co., Inc., we are grateful for the many wonderful customers we have throughout the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys. Throughout the year, we make our number one goal to see that all of you are served with the highest degree of customer service found in our industry. And it is also the holiday season, when we should remember all of the folks who help to deliver that high degree of customer service:  The Mauger Family. All of the staff at Mauger Energy, Plotts’ Energy and Aabbots Energy are part of the Mauger & Co. Family. From the sales staff and technicians to the drivers and those who answer the phones, we feel our pros make up some of the best that this industry has to offer and we are proud to recognize their tremendous effort this time of the year. Thank you, folks, You are the best.

To everyone out there from our customers and staff to our vendors and industry partners, have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!