Mauger & Co. is Your First Choice When Cold Weather Hits

Fall has begun here in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys and it is not merely reflected on the calendar but also on the thermometer. In recent years, we have not only seen temps in the 80s this time of year, but also in the 90s. Believe it or not, we hit 93 in the first week of October, 2019 in this area. But, not this year. It looks like seasonal, if not cool, temps are the rule for the foreseeable future. Highs in the 50s and 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s are about what you can expect through Thanksgiving.

We generally get calls for repair at the beginning of the season when folks first use their heat and then later on when temps hit extreme lows, as extremes in temp tend to put more strain on older systems and, well, things can and do break. Our advice at this point, is if you have not had your pre-season maintenance check, you should call and we will squeeze you in where we can. If you have had your seasonal check, continue to monitor how your system performs here in early Fall prior to those extreme overnight lows that often come in the middle of winter. The punchline is that if your system is not up to the challenge when lows are in the 40s, you are going to have serious problems as lows get south of 25 degrees. Call us at the first sign of underperformance.

Will Call Customers – Keep an Eye on Your Gauges

For folks who are on on automatic delivery, please remember to call us well in advance of run out. Especially during times of extreme cold or rough weather, our dispatch schedule can get pretty hectic and we never want any customer to go without heating oil.