Springing Forward Means Checking Alarms

In our industry, there is nothing more important than safety. We preach it from the way our drivers drive to the standards applied by our installation crews. That’s why we are happy to remind all of our customers about fire safety twice a year when daylight savings time begins and ends. Fire companies and the fire safety industry at large have done a monumental job of bringing this initiative to the forefront of the public consciousness over the last 30 years or so, and kudos to them for their efforts.

Nowadays, there a good deal of options on the market for fire and smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors which should be operational in all homes without exception. As always, the standard 9-volt models are still on store shelves at every big box store and hardware store. There are also a number of smart devices which can connect to smart phones and integrate with smart home technology. Many of these have features like mobile phone alerts and delay alerts like when there is a little too much smoke in the kitchen when cooking. Rather than an instant ear-wrecking alarm, there is pre-notification indicating that the alarm is about to sound which gives the homeowner a few seconds to preemptively mute an alarm.

Whatever your budget and whatever your choice in safety equipment, please take time to test your alarms this March as we spring forward!