Why DON’T We Perform Outside-Only Seasonal Maintenance?

There is no question we are all navigating very new waters these days. Our industry is stepping up in unprecedented ways to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. From outfitting techs with all of the necessary PPE and sanitizers to equipping comforts systems with the latest in virus-killing IAQ technology, companies like ours are on the front lines of safety and innovation.

Contactless Service Should Not Mean Outside-Only

We’ve begun to see certain companies marketing Air Conditioning Maintenance Service that is an Outside-Only Check Up. Our customers have even inquired if we offer anything like the following:

The answer is that we do not, and we are happy to explain why not. Here is a summary of the complete Air Conditioning Seasonal Maintenance items required for our techs to ensure that your system is working properly:

Outside of Your Home

    • Inspect outdoor coils. Your technician will clean your condenser coils, with customer approval. Clean coils transfer heat more effectively, allowing your system to run with greater efficiency.
    • Adjust refrigerant levels. Correct refrigerant levels contribute to efficient system operation.
    • Inspect contactors and start devices such as capacitors and potential relays to ensure proper voltage needed for starting the fan and compressor.
    • Check amp load on equipment.

Inside of Your Home

    • Your technician will check the thermostat and other system controls and make sure your A/C system components turn off and on at appropriate points in the cooling cycle and that your thermostat is operating correctly and maintains your system at the set temperature.
    • Inspect and repair electrical components. Your technician will check the low voltage and current in your system and will tighten any loose electrical connections.
    • Inspect indoor coil where accessible and clean with customer’s approval.
    • Inspect and lubricate moving parts. Your system’s motors, fans and compressor will be checked for worn parts and will be lubricated (where applicable) to reduce friction.
    • Inspect and clear the condensate drain. If the condensate drain is blocked, backed-up water can cause corrosion and damage your home and equipment.
    • Check customer’s air filter and replace if available. Filters can also be ordered.

Your seasonal maintenance check is critical to ensuring that your system is running efficiently and safely. Safety is our number one goal at the Mauger & Co. Family of Businesses. There is simply no way for our techs to ensure a complete job without reviewing and inspecting the ENTIRE system. In fact, we would contend that the inspection of the system equipment on the inside of the home is the most important aspect to this seasonal maintenance visit. It all comes down to the health of your family. A critical reason for inspecting the indoor portion of your comfort system is be to look for any harmful mold growth. Additionally, it’s important to flush the condensate line to ensure proper drainage and check the condition of the air filter. All of this is done in an effort to ensure that air that your family breathes is safe.

There is no doubt that your health and the safety of the system are our greatest concerns. Granted this is all new territory. It’s our responsibility to make sure our customers are protected in a number of ways. That said. we wonder if these outside-only check-ups might void your manufacturer’s warranty in case of part failure.

Contactless & Complete Service

The Mauger & Co. Family of Businesses offers not only contactless service, but complete service. Our belief is that there is only one right way to serve the client, and it involves a service visit that ensures safety of all parts of your comfort system. How are we able to deliver the Contacless Maintenance Call?

  • Our technicians are outfitted with masks, gloves, booties and sanitizer to ensure all parties are kept safe while our employee is in your home.
  • If you wish, you can instruct our tech to let himself into the home, conduct the inspection and leave when finished. All communication regarding recommendations and system performance can be conducted via phone or email.
  • Payment is always available via phone by calling our offices.

In these times, it is important for businesses to meet the needs of our customers in a safe and complete manner. Our relationships depend on it. The safety of our customers and communities depend on it. And, our economy requires it. At the Mauger & Co. Family of Businesses, we pledge to continue to do our part in meeting and exceeding your expectations at every opportunity.